Why the Tree of Life?



My sister B and her boyfriend M are glassblowers, and when K, D and I were up in their area a couple of weeks ago, we went up to M's studio to watch them blow glass one evening. The loud noise of the gas fire in the glory hole seemed to make K nervous, and I wasn't sure he was taking any of it in while we were there.

But this past weekend, while the sandbox was being built, K started playing with a long, thin 6 or 7 foot long scrap of wood. When I stepped outside at one point, he was making a low roaring noise and had his stick in the bushes.

"What are you doing?" I asked. He said, "Blowing glass!" Then he added, "It's ok, Mama. It's not hot."

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  1. I just stumbled on your post doing a search elsewhere....

    I had a similar experience, my 3 y.o. son (now 6) had a toy wand in his mouth and was turning it. Not being very awake that morning, I asked "What are you doing?" He said "Daddy work!" (I'm a glassblower..) Btw, his first word was "Hot!"