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Tea Time

Tea time? With boys? Yes! Even three year olds!

So how does it work?

After nap, I find our special cups, and K picks out our tea. While our water is heating, we set our table, get out our books, turn on the current classical composer that we are listening to (it's Haydn at the moment) and light our candle. We have a little prayer that we say as the candle is being lighted:

Peace be on this house and all who dwell in it,
Peace be on those who enter and on those who depart.

Once we are settled with our tea and snack (sometimes something wholesome, sometimes something sweet), I read us a couple of poems and a nursery rhyme or two. On a little stand, I also have an art print which changes weekly. We may discuss it a little, but mostly it is just there for our enjoyment. K and I have really liked this week's painting: Asleep at Last by Bouguereau. K could really identify. We figure the big brother really wants the mommy to play!

Then, after we have finished our tea and snack, it's back to play.

Eventually, I plan to incorporate little lessons in etiquette, brew a real pot of tea and pull out my china (when else am I going to use it?).

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  1. Jennifer

    I am reading through the archives of your blog. I really enjoy your perpective. I will be reading to glean ideas for homeschooling the preschooler. We also have a tea time. I like your idea of the candle and prayer. I'm going to try it.