Why the Tree of Life?



We've chosen to do an advent calendar with activities this year, and K has really been enjoying it so far. I made up 24 red and green envelopes with a different activity written inside, and K gets to open one each morning to see what we get to do that day. Here's our schedule:

1. Decorate Tree
2. Big Band Swing Christmas Concert
3. Winter Fair at the Waldorf School
4. Make cookies for garbage collectors and mailman
5. Put out cookies and listen to Christmas cd
6. Shop for Angel Tree
7. Read The Polar Express
8. Make grandmothers' gifts
9. Make grandfathers' gifts
10. Take rawhide treats to Animal Shelter
11. Christmas Cantata Concert
12. Make chocolate pretzels
13. Make decorating cookies
14. Decorate cookies
15. Make popcorn balls
16. Decorate, fill and deliver goodie bags to neighbors
17. Make glitter stars for tree
18. Decorate gingerbread house
19. Decorate oranges with cloves
20. Make suet in a coconut shell for birds
21. Take food to Food Bank
22. Pick out animal gift for Heifer International
23. Sing Christmas carols and drink cider and hot chocolate
24. Read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' and leave out cookies and milk

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  1. The events are great. Hope he is getting excited about Christmas!!