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Sacred Harp Singing

Last June when I went to the Ambleside Online Charlotte Mason conference in Dallas, one of the advisory board members got up with her two daughters and sang three very powerful and beautiful old songs in the Sacred Harp manner. It was really captivating. Knowing how E likes to sing, I decided to see if I could find a Sacred Harp group here in town. I found one that meets every Wednesday night, and we finally made it up there this evening. We had a great time. D loved the music and was entranced during each song, and K enjoyed himself and said he wanted to come back even though he had been saying it was too loud. :) I'm really excited about this because I think it is something that we will enjoy doing as a family, not to mention that it will really train our ears musically since it is all sung a capella. We have a lot to learn since Sacred Harp is like nothing we have ever done before! If you are curious about what Sacred Harp singing sounds like, check out the sound track to the movie Cold Mountain, or this link has some MP3 samples and a little history.

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  1. Charlie was 21 months old when he demonstrated proper form at a Sacred Harp singing (he goes most Tuesday nights and the occasional Sunday):


    matt in st paul, mn