Why the Tree of Life?


Young Photographer

K took this picture.

Children's Museum

We went to the Children's Museum this past Monday with some friends. D enjoyed the toddler area, and K had a great time with the air exhibit. He is pulling up a bowling bowl and then releasing it to shoot the tennis ball. We did that activity many, many times.


ABIA Firestation

We went with a group of homeschoolers to the Austin Bergstrom Airport Firestation a couple weeks ago. Their trucks seemed to be a lot bigger, and they use different suits and foams and powders to put out the higher temperature fires on airplanes. K wore his own fireman suit in order to blend in. Daddy was especially excited to get to go: fire, big trucks, fancy chemicals, what more could he ask for?

Hey Hey!

Guess it's time to organize the plastics drawer.


Backyard Picnic



D took four steps this evening! And I called E to tell him, and D took another step while I was leaving a message on E's cell phone. AND, after we headed outside soon after that, I set him on the ground next to the slide, and he stood up straight from the ground, and WALKED to the slide (about four steps)! WOW! Talk about sudden!



D's waving bye-bye! He did it for the first time yesterday out in the shop at the art table. We have been saying 'bye-bye' to things to help him move from one room to another without him getting righteously indignant, and yesterday he waved to the art table! I ran in to the kitchen were K was, and we tried to get him to wave to K, but he just giggled and wouldn't perform. I was beginning to wonder if it was just coincidental arm flapping, but he waved bye-bye to Daddy this morning, too, so it's official. :)


First Book

D and I just read our first book together! He hasn't been interested at all until tonight when we had lots of fun together with a touch and feel book. He didn't even put it in his mouth. :)


Both Napping!

Yes, someone did...

Awhile ago, someone had run down the electronic sign at Crockett High School, and we noticed this weekend that the school had replaced it. K picked up on the conversation and began asking: why it has been replaced? why because it had been hit? why because it was an accident? why because someone wasn't thinking? why loooose control?

After a long pause, K said, very seriously, 'Did someone take their brain out?'