Why the Tree of Life?


Cornstarch Day

Monday Friends was at our house this week, and we played with cornstarch and water. If you have never played with it before, it is really strange stuff: it stays solid in your hand, but then becomes liquid when you let go of it. At the beginning, it was only the mommies and K who were playing, then it degenerated into painting the porch and each other which got everyone else interested. Cleanup actually looked a lot scarier than it was, and K and D had a great time scraping and washing the porch and filling up the washtub for playing in later that afternoon.


Easter Morning

K woke up every fifteen minutes from about 6am on this morning, asking, 'Is it Easter yet?' We were able to hold him off until a little after 7am. We decided to let D sleep and go check and see what the Easter bunny had left. K found that the Easter bunny had moved the egg candles he had colored into the Easter baskets with the grass (we'd been watching them grow and carefully spraying them with water for the last week), and that he had also left them each a book, some window paints and a flying butterfly. Then K and Dad made blueberry muffins to go with sausage and hashbrowns for breakfast. After we ate, I went and hid some plastic eggs in the backyard for an Easter egg hunt.

Easter Baskets

Easter Egg Candle-dipping



Camping Trip

Dad and K went camping this weekend. K caught two fish on his own! No kidding. He also loved his new racecar sleeping bag, and enjoyed getting to eat *two* s'mores instead of one since 'they were camping'. The sounds of the coyotes did bother him a little that night, but they had their fearless canine companion, Geena, there to snuggle with them.



D has started playing peekaboo on his own. He will pull a playsilk or sheet up over his face and wait until somebody notices and says, 'Wheeerrrreee'sss D?' Then he'll pull it down giggling as we say 'PEEKABOO!'