Why the Tree of Life?


D's Birthday-Children's Museum

Daddy took off Monday for D's 1st birthday. We had a great day spending time as a family. We slept a little late, ate breakfast, opened presents, and went to the Children's Museum later that morning with lunch downtown at Las Manitas. By that time, D was completely worn out, and we headed home for long naps.


Singin' the ABC's

First Haircut

We forgot to take our camera to the barber shop, but here's a before and after. With D's hair being so blonde, we didn't realize how long it had gotten!


First Words

Ok, E and I swear that D is saying, 'Yeah' when we ask him questions like, 'Do you want to play?' or 'Are you done?' He's said it lots of times and in the right context, but we just can't believe that he already has a word. K has also been informing me that D has said, 'K.' So, there you go... two words, I guess.