Why the Tree of Life?


Austin Nature Center

We went to the Austin Nature Center with a group on Wednesday. I took my camera, but forgot to use it! We had a great time, and the nature center is a beautiful place. They have trails, a pond area, and an exhibit of live, native animals and birds, all rescued. K especially loved the beehive. It is the first thing when you walk in, and it is between two sheets of plexiglass with a separate entrance to the outside for them. He also liked getting to feel bobcat fur and fox fur. And for some reason, he really loved the barn owls. He asked me on the way to the enclosure if they had barn owls (don't really know how he knows about barn owls), and I was glad to find that they actually did have barn owls. By that time, D had gotten hot and tired and hungry, and he was DONE. So I let him out of the backpack, and then he was very happy and walked back with us (with a few detours to pick a choice rock for sucking on) most of the way to the car. We had brought a picnic, but wisely decided to go ahead and head home and let D take his nap.

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