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New Things

D's doing some new things. He's really beginning to understand what we are saying and is even responding to simple requests. Today, he helped me move wet washrags into the dryer. I've also noticed that every time I tell him something is hot, he starts blowing (like he's blowing on his hot food), but he has also carried this into anything he needs to be cautious about. When he's standing on top of a table, he will start blowing as I'm coming closer to take him off. And I've seen him start blowing as he tries to grab Molly's (our cat) face.

K's imagination has really taken off. We have had the couch cushions off for over a week as he has been playing out this whole plumbing, broken pipes and sewer rats scenario. It has really become quite elaborate. He and D scoot around under the cushions 'fixing' pipes that the sewer rats have chewed open. E and I have yet to figure out where this is coming from, but it is pretty funny to watch.

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