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NO & Bye-bye

So, we had a false alarm several months back when I reported that D was waving bye-bye. Well, he really is waving bye-bye now, in earnest, starting last week. It is so interesting to see how he interprets 'bye-bye'. We get waves now whenever we leave a room or have to move on to a different object of attention.

He is also shaking his head, emphatically, when he wants to say no. You can ask him just about any question now (whether he wants something or not) and he can give you an answer. It's so exciting to be communicating! His whole body says 'no'.

Last week, after nap, as K was slowly waking up, D was sitting beside him next to his head. D was really ready for K to get up and play, and he was pulling his hair and poking his eyes, and just generally experimenting with K's head, so I decided to take D out and let K wake up a little more gently. So, I said, 'Come on, D, let's go out here...' D looked up at me and shook his head, 'NO'. And smiled. So, I started walking toward the bedroom door, 'Come on, D,' I said smiling and motioning. He just grinned and started waving bye-bye... see ya later, Mom!

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