Why the Tree of Life?


Frere Jacques

I wish I knew how to put audio on here because D has started singing the tones and rhythm of 'Frere Jacques'. K likes to sing this song all the time, and now it is coming out of D with the exact same intonation and phrasing, but no words; just "da-da da-da da da, da-da da-da da da..." You probably have to be familiar with K's rendition in order to catch D's interpretation, but it's there nonetheless.


Knob Turner

D learned a new skill this evening. He can now turn knobs if he can reach them, which he can if he happens to be on the chair outside the door to our bathroom. So, our primary babyproofing tool is now obsolete.

Hot Air Balloons

We woke up bright and early (5:30am) to make it to a local ballooning organization's flight this past Saturday. It was out at Mansfield Dam, which was a very lovely spot. The weather and temperature were perfect. K was nervous about the noise from the burners at first, but he couldn't help being excited by the atmosphere and seeing the hot air balloons filling up and finally lifting off the group. It was really very serendipitous that I heard about this event. We had just been reading about hot air balloons, and this really brought them to life for him.