Why the Tree of Life?


Junk Art Day at Monday Friends

Austin's hottest young artist was kind enough to pose for a brief picture on the way to his lastest art opening. K Evanovski, shown here with his latest work 'Beneath the Rising Tide of Angst', prefers the 'found-art' medium, but has also been known to work in crayon, tempera and playdoh. When asked why he chose a heavy title for such a light-hearted looking bear, the artist replied, 'This bear, he is empty. Where honey should be, there is no honey. The eyes, they are the many eyes gazing down upon him. I do not make these arts for the world. I make these arts for myself. I do not care if the world gives the appreciations to me. The world does not love what it does not understand.'

Amy's Ice Cream Tour

We took a tour of Amy's Ice Cream Factory with Monday Friends back in October. Our tour guide Joe is making the ever-popular sweet cream flavor here in this picture. This is the base for all their flavors. Everyone enjoyed a bowl of ice cream at the end of the tour!




We tried to go camping at the ranch mid-October. The temperature was great, but it was very desolate. We ended up going back home. The cattle came up very near to us, hoping we would feed them. They never really did move on away from us. They had eaten every bit of green around the tank that they could find, including the poison ivy and bull nettle. Where we were walking should be underwater. We're headed to go fish in what little water there is left, but we didn't have any luck.


Time for Trick 'r Treating!