Why the Tree of Life?


Christmas Morning

K didn't wake us up too early this year, but once he realized Christmas morning had arrived, he was nearly impossible to keep in the bedroom until we were all ready to go out to the living room as a family. We finally made him sit on the bed so that he would stop bouncing off the walls.

Still waiting...

Finally allowed out!

K gave D a sleeping bag just like his. We're all looking forward to doing more camping soon.

K and D gave me some new house slippers. K insisted that I would love the color and style! :) I'm very proud of my new slippers.

After opening gifts, we had a leisurely breakfast and then headed over to visit relatives. Merry Christmas everybody!


Monday Friends Christmas Potluck

We had a great potluck Saturday afternoon with our Monday Friends group. We made apple cider, and everyone brought a snack to share. All the parents visited while the kids played, and then we sang Christmas carols (only the fun and fast ones, of course) and played instruments. K was the most energetic of all. We ended the party with exchanging homemade gifts. We had made four colors of playdough for everyone, and K and D received some art hangers, finger-knitted necklaces, gingerbread men and painted ornaments.

Toddler-Proof Christmas

We noticed on a good friend's blog recently that she had a lovely, fully decorated Christmas tree in the background of her portrait with her first-born daughter. Ah, the memories...

We have had three people, all on seperate occassions, charmingly declare, "Oh, you're decorating!" as they walked through the front door. Nope, we're done.

Happy 4th Birthday, K!

K had a great 4th birthday party with lots of friends and family and a much anticipated firetruck cake! We had beautiful weather for mid-November, and everybody had lots of fun.