Why the Tree of Life?


Ice Storm

We had an ice storm this week. We were all really excited since we rarely get ice or snow, and it hardly ever feels like 'winter' here. E was home Tuesday and went in at noon on Wednesday. The boys played outside for a little bit, and then went in for hot chocolate rice milk.


Sailing the High Seas

We put the playstands down this morning to make a boat, and K and D played in it all day. We paddled from continent to continent, escaped sharks, played soccer on the beach, recharged the battery when it died, and ate lots of chocolate screws. The battery consisted of all the playsilks in one of the compartments of the boat. It was very, very hot with fire, and very dangerous to touch, but since D couldn't be convinced of this, we decided that he was immune to the heat and could move the playsilks around if he wanted to, and we would just put them back without getting upset. We didn't fish as much as I expected, but we did make water by throwing a deflated football and a cloth ball overboard. Luckily, they were attached to lines on the boat, so we didn't have to swim after them.

When Daddy came home early because of the impending ice storm, he joined in the play. By this time, it was 'night', and we compromised on the kitchen light and the hall light remaining on so that I could still make dinner (they were the two moons of our planet). The boys sailed all the way to Antarctica where is snows every day with the stars and the moon. They made it back home in time for dinner.