Why the Tree of Life?



E and K, and at the last minute, Grandad and Great-Grandad, went to see the Intel Building implosion early Sunday morning. D and I were planning on going, but he was sick during the night, so we ended up sleeping in. They were able to park in my brother's parking garage since he works very close to the old Intel building. K assured us he was not afraid of loud noises anymore. He is four after all, he said. He was only afraid of loud noises when he was only three or nine or something. So, they were out there waiting before the sun came up. K was most impressed with the sight. After it came crashing down, they hightailed it out of there to get ahead of the huge dust cloud, and then went and had a big breakfast at the Bakehouse.

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  1. That sounds like a great morning! I hope you have pictures of the 'boys' after their big adventure.