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Valentine's Day Party

Austin Area Homeschoolers traditionally has a big Valentine's Day Party every year. It always happens during naptime and is a sea of homeschoolers we haven't met yet (and won't see again until the Not Back To School Swim Party in August) and filled with things K can't eat. This year our Monday Friends group decided that we would have our own little Valentine's Day party since we all wanted to opt out of the bigger AAH event this year for various reasons. Everyone decorated mailboxes and made valentines and brought something good to eat. Christine was very generous in having us all over at her house in Buda. K and D both had a great time! D, as usual, got wet somehow at Christine's house. This time, instead of her fountain, it was the water cooler in her kitchen. Perfect height. I was busy visiting before I realized that he had been climbing up onto the chair to get to the cups on the table, taking one and filling it, taking random sips, dumping it out, filling it up again, and then putting the newly-filled cup back on the table so that he could go and get a new cup to start all over again. This is, of course, pieced together from the evidence.

After snacking and visiting and playing, all the kids laid out their mailboxes and then distributed their valentines. K was very excited about the whole process, and I had a hard time persuading him that he could put his mailbox down in a safe place until we were ready to go. He's had a great time going through all the valentines and remembering who they were each from during the drive home and all this afternoon. We also got home to find that Grammy and Gramps had also sent valentines in the mail and had fun putting the fire truck together that came in the card.

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  1. The flowers look like fun to make! Glad you all had a good Valentine's Day. I can't wait to see the glass moons from Wimberly. They do beautiful work.
    Love - Grammy