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Enki Co-op

A friend (who is also doing Enki) and I have decided to form an Enki co-op starting this May. We've been meeting once a month to plan what we are going to do, and I am really excited about how things are coming together. We're going to meet every Thursday at 9:30am, alternating each other's homes. Each child will bring a vegetable to put in our soup that we will have for lunch, and they will get to chop it up themselves first thing when they arrive and put it in the broth to cook while we play. We're also going to have fresh bread (blessings from a bread machine!). After they chop up their vegetables, they'll play outside for awhile. When it is time for circle, I'm going to play a song to call them on the recorder, and then we'll sing and do fingerplays and tell a nature story. We're going to tell the same nature story for three weeks in a row. Then we will close the circle time and have lunch!

Every fourth Thursday of the month, we are going to go on a nature walk. We plan on visiting three different trails in a season, and then returning to them in the following seasons in order to see how they change.

Right now, it is just the two of us, but we're hoping to find a least a couple of other Enki families in our area and age group to join us.

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