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Old Picture

D has a little bit of pneumonia this week, so we missed Monday Friends today. He's napping right now, but K is awake, and we still wanted to blog today, since Monday is our official blogging day. We had fun looking through old pictures, and we found one that we had never posted before. This picture is from December at the Waldorf Winter Fair. K and I are decorating a beeswax candle. He is warming the little squares of wax between his hands, and then we are decorating the candle with them. Then K rolled it in glitter. We burned our little candle everyday until it was gone. Beeswax smells really nice!

P.S. Further info on D: He also has an ear infection, so we are starting a short round of antibiotics today. We caught the pneumonia early, so that is good. We know what it is like to not catch it early.

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  1. So sorry to hear about Dunagan! He was so cute playing the piano and singing for us. Kirven, we really had a good time at the farm with you. I have your rocks and will bring them when we come to Austin again.

    Love to all,