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Planning Session

I just finished a big planning session. I have 13 weeks of plans! If I have activities actually planned out in advance, we do them. If I try to wing it, we don't do anything, and the boys start going stir crazy by 4:30pm. So, this is what our week looks like:

Monday morning- Monday Friends
Tuesday morning-Storytime at the Waldorf store or Library
afternoon- Craft
Wednesday morning- Grocery day
afternoon- Baking
Thursday morning- Free noonday classical concert downtown or library
afternoon- Science/nature activity
Friday morning- Eurythmy class (maybe)
afternoon- Music & Movement (including French and Spanish songs)

We're trying to make it out for a walk every morning, though for some reason, we just haven't been making it very often the last couple of weeks. I think it is because we still haven't gotten used to daylight savings (scourge to all parents of young children). The boys still have lots of free time to play, but I am feeling a little too busy. I wonder what should go?

But I have a nice little set of plans for spring, and we can at least have something to choose from for the next couple of months or so.

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