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Zilker Train

We went to Zilker Park today with Monday Friends and rode the Zilker Zephyr. D, K, I. and G. all squeezed into one train seat. D wanted nothing to do with my seat, much less my lap. I did end up moving D to the inside, and K kept his arm around him the whole time, and he stayed seated the whole time (didn't want to risk not being included with the big kids, I guess).

After the train ride, we headed down to the creek to feed the ducks, but found big, eager geese instead. The kids had no problem leaving once all the birdseed was gone. It was a little intimidating. We went back up to the playscape to play a little and have a picnic. We stayed until 1pm; pretty late for us to be out, and D fell asleep on the way home.

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  1. Those are such lovely pictures! Did you have a professional photographer accompany you..tee-hee! Actually, I think those were some of the last pictures taken with my camera, as it has since shown a desire to join with our other broken and obsolete electronic devices in the kitchen drawer.