Why the Tree of Life?


Hamster Dance


Early Sunday morning, just as the sun was coming up, D woke up to the pouring rain. Usually he wants to snuggle and nurse in bed for awhile, but he was up and out of bed and announcing that he was going to "watch raining from the door." So, off he toddled to the back sliding glass door. The rest of us continued to doze. Finally, D came back to our bedroom window and stood there quietly watching for a long time, and then he said, "The sidewalk is sliding!" His image made me smile.


Happy 2nd Birthday, D!

We celebrated D's 2nd birthday this past Saturday. His actual birthday was on the 22nd. We just had a family party this year; dinner at Romeo's (spaghetti!) and then back home for cake and presents. D, believe it or not, asked for a rabbit cake for his birthday. I thought it turned out pretty well:

Birthday hats for everyone!
Singing and blowing out the candles.
We gave D a truck, and K gave D an elevator to go with it. D also received clothes, a pretend doctor's kit and a sprinkler toy for the yard.
We had a bunch of sparklers left over from my brother's wedding, and everyone had a lot of fun playing with those.

T writing his name in sparkler. I think E said he used an 8 second exposure. Neat, huh?

Happy Birthday, D! We love you!


All On His Own

About a month ago, K called us into the study very excited because he said he had written a word on the filing cabinet. This is what he had:

"What does it say?" we asked him. "Zebra!"

Puppies or People?