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Happy 2nd Birthday, D!

We celebrated D's 2nd birthday this past Saturday. His actual birthday was on the 22nd. We just had a family party this year; dinner at Romeo's (spaghetti!) and then back home for cake and presents. D, believe it or not, asked for a rabbit cake for his birthday. I thought it turned out pretty well:

Birthday hats for everyone!
Singing and blowing out the candles.
We gave D a truck, and K gave D an elevator to go with it. D also received clothes, a pretend doctor's kit and a sprinkler toy for the yard.
We had a bunch of sparklers left over from my brother's wedding, and everyone had a lot of fun playing with those.

T writing his name in sparkler. I think E said he used an 8 second exposure. Neat, huh?

Happy Birthday, D! We love you!

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