Why the Tree of Life?


Happy News

We're pleased to announce that we are expecting the pending arrival of P3, aka Peanut the 3rd, aka a little brother or sister for K and D. According to Dr. Google, my due date is April 11, 2008. We go to see my OB this Thursday to "confirm", but since I was dry heaving into the sink just this morning, I think it is safe to make an announcement. We're all really excited, especially D and K. K has requested a girl and likes the name Mikkel. Mikkel is one of the names we are considering if it is a boy, but K sees no inconsistencies with that. Mikkel Larson Røken was my Norwegian great-grandfather. K and D's names have come from E's great-grandfather, so it's time for something from my side. :) Røken would be a good boy's name, too. I'm liking A Rose for a girl, but E hasn't weighed in on that yet.

I'm actually not as nauseated this time around, and I haven't actually thrown up, yet, which is great, but I am more exhausted than I have ever been with a pregnancy. I could sleep all day and go to bed at night, no problem.


D's Imagination

I have a pair of fairy wings that I wore last Halloween when we went trick'r treating with the boys. D asked me to put them on recently, and then said, "Fly, Mommy, fly!" So, I obliged and started skipping around the room. "NOOO! FLY, Mommy!" He made it very clear that I was supposed to be flying, that the wings were really supposed to make me fly. It was a little disappointing, I think.

We also have a small, toy airplane, and on this same day, D was holding it and said, "Mommy, help me get in [the airplane]. How do I start this?" I asked, "Do you want to get in the airplane? Do you want to fly in the airplane?" "Uh-huh."


"Can you help me get my jacket holder on?"
Translation: Can you help me get my hood on?

"Don't for get your sippy cup, Mommy!"
Translation: "Don't forget your water bottle, Mommy!"

Any time we talk about Miami with K (Evan and I both went to the University of Miami), K calls it 'Your-ami'. For example, if I say, 'When we were in Miami...' K will usually repeat back what we said as a question, but with his understanding of possessive pronouns, as something like, 'When you were in Your-ami...?'
'Right, Your-ami'
'Right.... Your-ami'


I found this old photo in my drafts. It's from June '06. D is sleeping tonight in the shirt K is wearing in the picture.