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Happy News

We're pleased to announce that we are expecting the pending arrival of P3, aka Peanut the 3rd, aka a little brother or sister for K and D. According to Dr. Google, my due date is April 11, 2008. We go to see my OB this Thursday to "confirm", but since I was dry heaving into the sink just this morning, I think it is safe to make an announcement. We're all really excited, especially D and K. K has requested a girl and likes the name Mikkel. Mikkel is one of the names we are considering if it is a boy, but K sees no inconsistencies with that. Mikkel Larson Røken was my Norwegian great-grandfather. K and D's names have come from E's great-grandfather, so it's time for something from my side. :) Røken would be a good boy's name, too. I'm liking A Rose for a girl, but E hasn't weighed in on that yet.

I'm actually not as nauseated this time around, and I haven't actually thrown up, yet, which is great, but I am more exhausted than I have ever been with a pregnancy. I could sleep all day and go to bed at night, no problem.


  1. Congratulations and what a special gift for you and your family.
    Nicky in New Zealand

  2. Wow! Good for you!! Three is..um...fun!!

  3. Congratulations! Three IS fun! Really... unless they are all screaming at once, and then it's just plain loud. :-)