Why the Tree of Life?



"Can you help me get my jacket holder on?"
Translation: Can you help me get my hood on?

"Don't for get your sippy cup, Mommy!"
Translation: "Don't forget your water bottle, Mommy!"

Any time we talk about Miami with K (Evan and I both went to the University of Miami), K calls it 'Your-ami'. For example, if I say, 'When we were in Miami...' K will usually repeat back what we said as a question, but with his understanding of possessive pronouns, as something like, 'When you were in Your-ami...?'
'Right, Your-ami'
'Right.... Your-ami'

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  1. I LOVE all of the Kirvenisms you shared!!! ESPECIALLY Your-ami!!!

    How fabulous!!! (Hmm - maybe we should all meet up in Yourami soon, that way it can be His-ami too!!)

    Lexi Jeff and Michaela