Why the Tree of Life?


A Little Big

And why wasn't he that happy and content when he actually used it?


Haircut... Finally.

D was in desperate need of a haircut. Not only was it getting very long, he was not letting us wash it either. We made several aborted trips to the barber and the special kids' cuts place in Toys R Us. We left in tears every time; well, him, not me. Finally, on the way home from dinner one evening, D told me that he was having to "hold up his hairs so that he could see." I asked him if he wanted a haircut, and he said yes. I just happened to be passing the barber's at that very moment, so I swung into the parking lot. CLOSED. 15 minutes earlier. Dag nabbit! On the way home, K and I talked the haircut up and D was very eager to go try again in the morning. So, there we were, first thing in the morning, but he nearly started crying the moment we walked in the door. He did get a sucker, though. K, too. And we left, again, with no haircut. We had become quite a joke to all the barbers over the last several months. On the way home, the boys wanted to eat their suckers, but I told them they had to wait. Then I had a brilliant idea! "D, would you like to eat your sucker while *mommy* cuts your hair?" "Uh-huh." Ok, then, strike while the iron's hot. When we got home, I told him to keep his sucker wrapped, then I strapped him into his booster seat, told him to keep his sucker wrapped, tied a tea towel around him, told him to keep his sucker wrapped, got the clippers, told both boys that they could now have their suckers, and got to work. He actually sat very well for me, but I worked as fast as I could. I went for efficient. I thought it turned out pretty good. At least it is easier to wash, and there's less room for lice.

Making Friends

We went to the Ft. Worth Zoo with Grammy and Grandpa in early July. One of the first things we saw was this little bonobo. He was about D's size, and he really took a liking to K. He tried to share a bite of his celery with K through the glass, and even seemed to want him to groom him because he backed-up in front of K as close as he could. I know my vet brother-in-law will tease me for anthropomorphizing, but he sure seemed to recognize the boys as children like himself and wanted to make friends.