Why the Tree of Life?



I had gotten used to the idea of three boys ever since the twins-check sonogram that I had when I was 14 weeks. Our OB friend thought she saw a boy, but she wouldn't commit. E swore he saw a boy, too, so he was even more shocked. I figured it was a boy, too. Everybody else was so convinced!

We had my 20 week sonogram today, and it clearly showed a GIRL! K knew all along. We had told him it was probably a boy, but he wouldn't listen. He was emphatic. So, if you need a baby predictor, K's got connections somehow and with someone in the know.

So now, I have to completely change my thinking. It was exciting and unsettling at the same time. I had hoped for a girl, but had let go of that. I had begun imagining three boys yelling and screaming and jumping off the furniture, and me saying things like, "See! This is why we can't have nice things!"

Now that I've gotten what I wished for... what are we going to do with a girl?? I felt completely prepared for another boy, but we're entering a whole new territory here. I'm not particularly good a being a girl myself. There are all sorts of girly things I should care about, but don't. At least one of her aunts is going to have to live nearby. That's just how it's going to have to be.

But, yes, we are super excited. And scared. And thinking about the new sections of stores I get to explore now. :)


Parenting for Adulthood

I've never read an article that more closely resembles what we are striving for in our homelife. Susan Tannehill is a Quaker homeschooling mom and addresses many of the questions Evan and I have been thinking about over the past year. Her article can be found in this month's issue of Friends Journal

Sounding Out

K has started sounding out signs as we're driving down the road. Most of the time, he seems to be just guessing based on his knowledge of the business we're passing, but there have been several times lately that he has 'read' some that I was pretty sure he didn't know before. But he has definitely started having an interest in letter sounds and blending, and this has sprung up all on its own. It's fun to see.

He has also started the annoying habit of correcting me when we are reading if I skip a word or replace a word by accident.