Why the Tree of Life?


Article About Enki

The Global Intelligencer has the first of a two-part article this month about Enki Education. It gives a pretty good Enki-in-a-nutshell. I'll be curious to see his follow-up article.


A Sampler

... of things that can happen while you are vomiting into the kitchen sink:

-your two year old could climb the toilet, open the child-locked bathroom cabinet, find the toothpaste, climb back down and proceed to put globs of it on your own toothbrush, lick and swallow, rinse and repeat. You will find out about this because you later notice daddy's toothpaste in 'toy timeout' and wonder outloud how it got there. Your five year old will explain. And he put it there for safety.

-an entire stick of chapstick could be rolled out, and a quarter of it will be eaten... presumably since you can't find the missing chunk, and the two year old is non-committal in his answers.

-the bathroom sink faucet could be turned on and allowed to run as bubble soap is added until the bottle is empty.

-The cat's food might be added to the pets' water by the fistful, and then all of it will be dumped onto the floor. You will have just given the pets a fresh, full bowl of water.

-Christmas tree ornaments from your husband's childhood or given to your children by relatives might be systematically taken apart. Sequins might be removed from your tree skirt, one by one.

-Photos might be removed from the photo ribbon board and folded into quarters and then fed through the slots of the dining room chairs, along with any book dust covers that happen to still be intact.

-a whole roll of toilet paper might be dropped in the toilet. And fished out and put back on the counter.


Adventure Circle

Update: K has been balking at doing "Frogs", and yesterday he kept saying he wanted to visit the fairies (something from another circle), so I added fairies in and he happily did "Frogs". See below for revised version.

It has been really nice to be feeling well enough to get back to our normal rhythm. The boys are much more settled throughout the day. It was such an amazing difference to see. Both boys were fussier and clingier and otherwise uncoorperative the first couple of weeks we were on our own again and trying to figure out where we left off.

One of the things I think the boys had really been missing were our (mostly) daily walks around the block and adventure circle right after. I finally updated our circle, and it has been nice to get back to it.

Here's what this six weeks looks like:

We come in from our walk, and I hum, "Come Follow", while we take off shoes and hang up coats. Then we start singing "Come Follow" three times while skipping around the room. Then we stop, and I say, 'It was early in the morning (while we stretch our arms up like we're waking up), and we decided to go explore the forest with the fairies. Then we sing "Wake Up". Then I say, 'Let's ride our pony out to the middle of the forest.' We walk over to the playstands and look in at our 'pony'. 'Oh,' I say, 'what's wrong? It looks like she needs new shoes.' Then we do "My Little Pony". 'Come on, let's get on our ponies,' we say, and we gallop throughout the house riding to the middle of the forest. Then we feel the wind picking up, and it blows harder and harder until it blows us off our ponies and we do "Winds". Then we land on the forest floor. 'Look! The fairies found us.' Then we see frogs all around us. 'The fairies want us to ride the frogs with them. They ride them like horses. But we're too big. Sigh. Wait! They're sprinkling us with fairy dust [sprinkle all three of us, D runs away], and we are getting smaller and smaller until we are fairy size! Now we can ride the frogs.' And we do "Frogs", and then we notice the squirrels and do "Squirrels" as if we are riding them, too. Finally, we have been in the forest so long that it is starting to get dark, but we don't have our pony and we are so small. But the fairies sprinkle us with fairy dust again until we're bigger. Also, our pony has already made it safely home without us. How do we get home? The fairies magick us back. And we end with "Owls". And on to our Enki storytime. (Which was "The Turnip" last week *and this week because the boys aren't ready to move on, which is good because I hadn't picked anything else out yet).


Keep Christ Out of Christmas

... and in our hearts instead, a Friend said to me this weekend during a discussion. Not many Quaker Christmas stories out there, but I found this one: Candles in the Window.


Happy 5th Birthday, K!

Keeping with the H family tradition of week long birthdays, K had several parties to celebrates turning five, or at least present openings. Thank goodness for the one-gift rule! On the Sunday before his birthday, we had a few of his friends over to play, eat mini pizzas and cake, and drink lemonade. On his actual birthday, he opened his presents from us and from D, and then we had a family dinner at Romeo's (his choice) with my extended family in from out of town for Thanksgiving, followed by opening presents from Mamma and Grandad and the Simons. He received another couple presents on the Friday after Thanksgiving from his great-grandparents and Aunt B. Then, when we went to Waxahachie to visit E's family, he got to open his present from Grammy and Grandpa. Oh, I forgot, Uncle T gave him his first present on Saturday. But, it was really nice to have them all spread out this way. K. was really able to focus on each gift and really enjoy each one without flitting to the next thing.

His favorite present was a digital camera made for kids, and I think he has taken about a million pictures and short movies. He even took it to my last midwife appointment and has been known to sleep with it. He and I together will have to post his favorites shots soon.

The day after his last birthday, K declared he wanted a 'train' cake for his next birthday. He's stood by that decision the whole year. He didn't want me to make it, which I could handle, and he wanted it to be chocolate with white icing and a train on top. Okie dokie. While we were at the bakery, he saw sparklers in the shape of letters, so we bought his name's worth, and burned K on his birthday. I know he pictured them actually burning on his cake, inside the house, but we had to compromise and stick them in the ground outside. Besides the cake, I think it was the highlight of the party.