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First Books

This morning, K, out of the blue, climbed up the shelves in our living room to reach the box of Bob Books that I bought long ago. Once I had figured out that the issue of early reading was more about me than him and that I really liked the Enki approach to reading, I had just put them up on an out of the way shelf and haven't thought much about them since.

Well, K sat down and read the first three books in the series. I helped him sound things out, but he was really doing it. After each book, I would say, "should we put the box up?" Nope. He wanted the next one. We started in on the fourth one, but K decided he wanted to wait until after nap to work on it. And, quote, "I can read until Dad comes home. That's a long time." We even called Daddy to tell him about it.

Despite the fact that I know the difference between decoding and actually reading, and I'm not really ready for him to be reading (I like not having to explain the tabloids in the supermarket to a five year old), I couldn't help but get excited. I'm concerned about two possibilities here: a) I get too excited and pushy, and we continue on with it beyond where he is actually ready to go because he is trying to please me and b) I get too excited and pushy and he loses interest completely because he's not really ready.

So, I'm going to be nonchalant; supportive, but nonchalant (and hopefully, grandparents are going to be nonchalant). I'm only going to give him what he asks for on his own. That's the plan. We're going to officially start reading when we do 1st grade work, so everything else until then is gravy.

But it was exciting.

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  1. Granddad is excited. Now Kirven can read me to sleep when I come over to play. Love Dad