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Name Choices

For P3: A Sophie or A Kjerstine?

Sophie is a common name on my Dad's side.

Kjerstine was my Norwegian great-great grandmother. She had eight children, but died in childbirth after her youngest. We have a couple of pictures of her, and she was really beautiful. She really resembles one of my sisters. Her oldest daughter Thena took over running the household, and by all accounts, she did such a good job that all the siblings were close and loving their entire lives. Thena also became a midwife and did much to help her community. I can't help but imagine from one daughter turning out so well that Kjerstine must have been a pretty good person herself.

From what I can tell, we would pronounce it KyerSTINE. Think 'Christine', but put a soft 'ya' sound in there.


  1. Granddad votes for Kjerstine

  2. Granddad votes for Kjerstine

  3. I vote Kjerstine. You might have guessed I would though, given the names I've saddled my own with. The pros of having family relevance and being unique outweigh the con of being tricky. And if you're not going by middle names, it won't come up too often.

    And I really like the name Ayla, too.