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Things Learned at Home

The boys and I met a friend and her two children at Chick Fil-A on Friday for lunch, and we had a great time visiting out in the dining area while they played in the playscape. As we were driving home, D said, "I told the girls in the playscape, 'Back, Beasts!'" He was very proud of himself.


Our medium-sized dog, Geena, is very bouncy and greets E enthusiastically when he gets home. (She couldn't care less about the rest of us). E, months ago, had taken to saying, "Back, Beast," when she wouldn't stop jumping up on him and let him in the front door. The boys are also bouncy and greet Daddy very enthusiastically, and they thought it was the funniest thing in the world when he recently started saying, "Back, Beasts!" to them, too. Somehow, the phrase just entered our family lingo, and apparently, D thinks it is appropriate to say it to other children who are getting too close.

Hopefully, it was out of earshot of those girls' mother. How do you explain 'inside joke' to a two year old?

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