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Unstructured Play

Kids need it! Evan and I have been realizing that our kids aren't going to get to roam around the neighborhood as freely like we did as children. For one thing, there aren't any children around who aren't involved with after school activities or summer enrichment programs.

"It seems that in the rush to give children every advantage — to protect them, to stimulate them, to enrich them — our culture has unwittingly compromised one of the activities that helped children most. All that wasted time was not such a waste after all."

NPR had an interesting piece on this topic:
Old-Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills

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  1. Chance and I have thought about this a lot, too. A great deal of the things I remember most about being a kid happened to me away from the house, doing my own thing, either alone or in a pack of kids. I don't have any real answers.

    I can't even imagine how old Seph would have to be for me to let her walk or ride a bike to your house, and we're close! But with the busy road, and the high school, I don't see it any time soon. When I was her age, I left the house when I felt like it, and the rule was home by the time the fire station whistle blew at 5pm. I'm not sure if I'm too uptight/strict, or if my fears of cars and high schoolers are valid.