Why the Tree of Life?


Ayla update

Only a month or so to go until we meet Ayla. The midwives are guesstimating that she is already 7-1/2 pounds. So, I'm looking at at least a nine pound baby, but I was expecting that. I could previously still hope for a smaller baby, but we're past that point. But quite honestly, why don't people talk about head circumference? Really, what's the difference in a bit of extra, squishy fat to push out? So, I'm not too concerned. I know she's going to be big because my belly doesn't fit in any of my pregnancy clothes from Kirven and Dunagan. I'm wearing one pair of jeans from a cousin and rolling up the pant legs because the belly fits (barely) but the rest is too big for me. I'm also beginning to wonder about undiagnosed twins.