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Ayla update

Only a month or so to go until we meet Ayla. The midwives are guesstimating that she is already 7-1/2 pounds. So, I'm looking at at least a nine pound baby, but I was expecting that. I could previously still hope for a smaller baby, but we're past that point. But quite honestly, why don't people talk about head circumference? Really, what's the difference in a bit of extra, squishy fat to push out? So, I'm not too concerned. I know she's going to be big because my belly doesn't fit in any of my pregnancy clothes from Kirven and Dunagan. I'm wearing one pair of jeans from a cousin and rolling up the pant legs because the belly fits (barely) but the rest is too big for me. I'm also beginning to wonder about undiagnosed twins.


  1. HI Jennifer; I did not know you were pregnant. I am anxioius to see pictures of Ayla.

    I wanted to let you know our foal arrived on March 2nd. She is not on my blog yet but will be there by the weekend.

    Hope everyone is well. Say hello to all.

    Love, Polly (enki)

  2. So exciting! Ayla is a beautiful name : )