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Who'da thunk?

Ayla is pee'ing and pooping in the potty. At 2 weeks old. Really. I can't believe it. Everytime she does it, it feels like magic. I had heard about Elimination Communication right after Dunagan was born, and I toyed with the idea at the time, but it seemed an all or nothing affair, which I knew would drive me crazy in the end. In the meantime, I have met families who EC 'part-time' and still use diapers. I watched my friend's 14 month old daughter ask to go to the potty! I thought, huh, this is worth giving a try next time around. I would do anything to avoid toddler potty resistance. I know all about toddler potty resistance.

So, before Ayla was born, I got an EC book and a dvd and I joined the local EC support group (while at the same time thinking, that's a playgroup I don't want to host). Evan scoffed. My mother scoffed. My mainstream friends scoffed. Even my non-EC'ing, yet off-mainstream friends scoffed. You know who you are. I suspended my disbelief.

I came to realize that it really has nothing to do with potty training. It is much more about recognizing a baby's needs. And, honestly and truly, it has been the same as knowing when she's hungry, when she's sleepy, and when she needs to burp. She's still in diapers all the time, but when I know that she needs to go, I take her diaper off, cue her, and darned if she doesn't pee and poop in the potty! And she smiles afterward!! She smiles! We're not catching every pee or poop, but we are paying attention to her signals and to the ones that are upsetting her.

This is going to jinx it, I know, but we aren't having fussy times. After she's eaten, and she's burped, and she's still awake and starting to get fussy, I take her to the potty and she is happy again. We have yet to have a marathon crying session. I don't think she has cried for more than 2 or 3 minutes straight. Is it possible that when Dunagan and Kirven were 'fussy' as newborns they just needed to pee or poop? It's disturbing to think about too much. I know we had oversupply colic issues with both of them, but besides that?? Was being ignorant of their desire not to soil themselves and ignoring their signals just like ignoring their need to nurse and that's why they cried so much ('like every other newborn')? Not gonna think about that too much...

All I know is that this is working, Evan's been won over, and it's easy. And Ayla's happier than if we weren't doing EC.

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