Why the Tree of Life?


Crystal Garden

Last week, the boys made crystal gardens. We got the recipe from Home Education Magazine. It took a little hunting to find Mrs. Stewart's Liquid Blueing, but find it we did. Evan also bought us janitor-strength ammonia. I didn't know there was a difference between janitor-strength and home-use strength and nearly killed us all. (Note to self: do this project again outside, not in the kitchen.) The gardens' started life out as plain sponges, and this is what they looked like the next day. Dunagan's is on the top, Kirven's is on the bottom. Geena knocked Kirven's over right after we made them, but the jostling seemed to speed the growth of his (plus we had little mini crystal gardens where ever the solution landed on the porch and on the bristles of the broom from sweeping it up). But Dunagan's caught up and passed Kirven's the next day. Since I nearly killed us with the ammonia, the boys didn't get to do as much mixing of the solution themselves as I had planned, but they did have fun putting on the different shades of food coloring. All in all, a fun, quick and easy project.


  1. Now you are such a tease -- where oh where did you end up finding the blueing??? I wanna do this, since as you now know, science is not our strong point!

  2. Oh, I meant to include that in my post! Breed & Co. in Westlake. Evan's office is nearby, and he picked it up for me. It was an easy project. 10 minutes, tops.