Why the Tree of Life?


Happy Birthday, Dunagan!!

Dunagan turns 3 years old today! He chose to go to Dan's for breakfast this morning, and then he opened presents when we got back home. Kirven gave him a toy egg beater that makes bubbles in the bathtub, and Ayla gave him 'Sticks' from Music Together. Mommy and Daddy are giving him a reading lamp for his bed ('just like Kirven's), and Dad and the boys have headed up to Fry's for him to pick out the color he wants. Not sure what else he is going to want to do today. I'm sure there's going to be a bath at some point in order to play with the new toy. Kirven has been pushing for bathtime since 9:30am. Too bad Kirven's gift doesn't wash hair. Dinner will be Dunagan's choice, too, so we may be having Chick Fil-A.


Time is really flying. How did he get to be three already? And how do we have three children? When did that happen?

Before Ayla was born, a good friend threw a baby shower for me. It was more of a 'blessingway' than a baby shower, and she had a blank book for the guests to write their wisdom and positive thoughts for me. Everyone also brought a special bead and made a necklace for me to wear during labor. When I got home from the shower, I wrote down all the beads and who gave them to me and what they meant, and then after Ayla was born, I wrote down her birth story and wrote a letter to Ayla. I'm planning on writing her a new letter in the notebook on each of her birthdays.

I realized that this is something I want to do for the boys as well, so I bought a notebook for Dunagan this morning. I wish I had thought of this from day one. How interesting that would be!


P.S. the boys just walked in the door from Fry's. Dunagan chose blue, just like Kirven's.


  1. Yay Dunagan!

    And isn't it funny? The picture of myself that I carry in my head is so tied into being the mom of three young kids. And here they are getting older all the time!

    Hopefully, we will adapt gracefully.

  2. Happy Birthday to Dunagan!

    What a great idea, the writing letters. It is the kind of thing I would start, but never be faithful enough to finish. Having a book dedicated to it would help, though. They will really treasure that one day!