Why the Tree of Life?


Plumbing Repair

It started out simple enough, as these things always do. Unfortunately, Evan uttered the words 'not' and 'long' in the same sentence while referring to how long the repair would take. See... we had a leaky faucet. We usually have a leaky faucet somewhere (if we don't, it's just a matter of time), and Evan replaces the seats, no problem. But he has always been careful about what he says in the process. This time, things got a little more complicated, and ended up involving removing our closet desk, cutting into the wall and using torches. Evan and the boys had fun, though, as they always do, getting to use tools and buying new tools that we now desperately need and can't live without.

I took the opportunity the thin the bathtub toy herd, which had gotten unruly.

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