Why the Tree of Life?


Unforeseen Drawback

Two post in two days? How is that possible? Ah, yes, that would be because Evan and the boys are in Lubbock for my sister's graduation from Tech. (Yay, Hillary!) And what am I doing with all my free time? Squandering it on the computer. But, honestly, I can't believe how easy newborns are at this stage in my life. I can get *so* much done, it's incredible. It's like when you go to college and realize, if I had studied this hard in high school, I would have been valedictorian! If I had managed my time pre-kids as well as I do now, I could have written the great American novel, at the very least. It's almost like I'm here by myself, I'm so used to rolling with the punches. I remember when I was pregnant with Dunagan the same time a friend was pregnant with her second, and she was questioning her mother how she was going to handle another newborn. Her mother answered, "Dear, it's not the newborn who is going to be the hard one." How right she was!

I've had several people comment about how hard it must be with three, but honestly, it has been so much easier than the transition to two. It has even been easier than having just one. I'm not having to adjust to taking care of someone else other than myself. I'm used to the sleep deprivation as it never really goes away. I'm used to my back hurting and getting cabin fever; I know both of those will pass in about 18 months. I'm not agonizing over not meeting the needs of both a previously only child and a newborn; the boys have each other as playmates now. I'm not having to adjust to the fact that babies have inborn personalities, and that what worked with number one won't necessarily work with number two. I'm also not having to learn how to nurture. I've got lots of tricks up my sleeves. And when all that fails, I know that sometimes babies just cry, and that she will be ok. The only thing that's new for me is this EC thing.

Which leads me to the unforeseen drawback. Ayla doesn't want to use her diaper. It is very clear to me now that we do 'diaper-train' our babies. And that's not necessarily a bad way to go because diaper-trained babies don't need immediate attention. They can wait a second for you to finish doing what you're doing before you change their diaper. An EC'd baby (and this is something I didn't think about because I didn't think EC would actually work), needs to go to the potty *now*, not in five minutes. And newborns go all the time, especially in the morning. She particularly doesn't want to poop in a diaper and is very vocal about that. I'm catching all of her poops now, and if I miss anything, it's usually because I had to finish what I was doing and not because she wasn't telling me (and loudly!) that she needed to go. But, it's not enough of a drawback to keep me from doing it. All in all, it's been more positive than negative, and I'm finding it all very interesting and bizarrely, fun.

Now, time to go do something more productive with my time while the boys are away...


  1. OH yes, I totally agree about two to three being easier than one to two (or zero to one). You're already borderline insane, so why not go all the way? :-P

    Interesting about the EC. We weren't in the right circumstances to try it with Caroline, but I was interested. My friend Christine Gross-Loh wrote a whole book about it! Hope all goes well for you; sounds like Ayla is more than on board!

  2. Thanks for sharing all your adventures! I'm really loving hearing about Ayla's EC accomplishments and your adjustments to a baby that wants to use the toilet! Amazing.