Why the Tree of Life?


I'm Piglet and You're Owl

The gateway to Dunagan is his imagination. You can get him to comply with nearly any request as long as you stay in character. This is a realization that I had today--- the staying in character part. Kirven has always had an active imagination, too, but his has manifested itself in an imaginary acquaintance named Baybuh. I say 'acquaintance' because Kirven and Baybuh never hang out together. Kirven just regales us with Baybuh's adventures as if he were just an interested by-stander.

Dunagan on the other hand is things. He also assigns us roles on a daily basis. Usually, we are the same thing all day, though he is sometimes open to suggestion if you grow tired of being, say, Owl. As long as you go along with it all, Dunagan is more than happy to throw his granola bar wrapper away or wipe up his spill, but the moment you slip and assume a more Mommy-like role, the brakes come on.

Most of the time, Kirven obliges Dunagan, but usually he just wants to be Kirven. He tends to look at Dunagan like he's crazy, especially when Dunagan starts pointing to people, animals and things that aren't there and playing with them. Kirven will snicker and look at me with bug eyes. Sometimes he will whisper incredulously, "He thinks he's Piglet," or "Why is he...?"

Currently, Daddy is 'Dumptruck', and when Dunagan is with Daddy, Dunagan is 'Sand'. Sand needs to usually be carried everywhere because, as everyone knows, sand can't move.

For a long time, I was Mama Bear with my Cub Ayla. Ayla is still my cub, but I am currently Owl from Winnie the Pooh, and Dunagan is Piglet. Being Owl involves Finding Lost Piglet, and Finding Lost Piglet involves flying around the room and pretending not to see Piglet far below me in the Hundred Acre Wood until he calls out to me. Then the fun part begins where I must carry Piglet on my back to my house, which by the way, has been blown over due to a Very Blusterous Day. Owl, as in me, tried to explain to Piglet about not having the Necessary Dorsal Muscles for carrying him back to my house, and though the piglet in the book seemed to understand this logic, my Piglet prefers to ignore it.

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