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Last Visit

I had my last midwife appointment this morning. It was bittersweet knowing that, unless God has other plans, I am done with all things pregnancy and birthing. When we walked in, there was another mom there who was overdue and discussing midwife-style induction. Michele commented to her that she would get a baby like Ayla when she was through... though---she also pointed out--- much smaller than Ayla. Michele later weighed Ayla in at over 13 pounds. I've been mentally calling her 'chub chub' for the last week as I have watched her outgrow her diapers and clothes. (Note to any gDiaper-users who might read this: don't buy two cases of smalls, just buy one). She has on a 6 month outfit today.

Ayla also showed off her pottying skills while we were there, and I had another moment of being thankful I was with a midwife because she has seen EC before, was glad I was doing it, even recognized when Ayla was asking to go potty and didn't bat an eye when I had to interrupt the exam to tend to her.

On our way out, Michele gave each of the boys a confetti egg as she has done nearly every time we have had a check-up, and today Kirven picked out a blue one and Dunagan picked out a yellow one. They both held onto them and waited until we were in our own driveway to throw them as high as they could and watch them crash with a satisfying crack. Their hands will be dyed blue and yellow for the next two days.

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