Why the Tree of Life?



Our first day of "school" will be next Wednesday, September 3rd. Kirven is really excited and keeps asking how many more days until he starts school. I would like to do something a little special that Wednesday morning, but I haven't decided quite what yet. Evan and I still need to discuss. I don't really want to give him anything, but I would like to mark the change in some special way. Any suggestions would be welcome. :)

We're starting to get questions out in public now. School started this past Monday, and everywhere we have been, someone has asked if Kirven was supposed to be in kindergarten or not. Mostly, we have gotten positive reactions so far, if a little awkward silence at first. Before the public schools started, the question was always phrased, "Will he be starting kindergarten this year?" to which I could honestly answer, yes, and leave it at that. Now, it is a little more complicated, and I haven't quite decided how or how much I should answer. I guess I need to work up some pat, one-sentence answer.


  1. I felt the comment issue, as you do, more acutely once my kids were of an obvious school age. I think it does happen more at this time of year, since school is on a lot of minds.

    And often, I think it is just an opening. At the store, older folks ask after the kids. They just sort of naturally ask what grade they're in. My kids say they're homeschooled, and I've told them they can say that they'd be first, K or whatever if they were going to school. Sometimes it's difficult for me not to be defensive, and there are times it's warranted, but mostly with youngers I've encountered more inquiry than inquest.

  2. When these questions started for us I could see Annie start to stress out and clam up. Over time, with me reminding her that she was in kindergarten and she didn't have to tell people she was homeschooled if she didn't want to, we worked out different reactions to "the" question. Eventually she found what works for her...she confidently states "I'm in first grade and my mommy is my teacher." And, mostly, we leave it at that. Sometimes, if we're in the right "mood", we'll proudly announce we're homeschoolers.

    I know your first grade will be lovely!

  3. jennifer,
    I obviously have first grade on my mind..I meant to say, "I know your first day will be lovely!"

  4. I tried to leave a comment earlier, but don't think I did it correctly.

    I know Kirven is getting excited! I don't know what kind of teaching supplies you will be using, but it was always fun to get my own supplies. How about his own pencils, crayons, markers, writing books, etc. to be used only for school.
    Love, Grammy