Why the Tree of Life?


Family Reunion

We got together this past weekend with Evan's family for a reunion. Most of the boys' time was spent in the pool with Grammy and Grandpa, but we didn't get many pictures of that. Kirven overdosed on swimming the first day, spending five plus hours in the sun. I think he nearly killed Grammy.

Miss Ayla. She and I spent most of the time napping in the room.

Dunagan rode a horse last year and had been planning on riding one again all year long. Good little Texan. His horse was named Cody.

There was an indoor activity room with a bounce house and games for the blazing hot hours.

And a good picture of the boys on the playscape. We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed being together and visiting.


  1. Where did you go? Looks like fun. Ayla sure is a dead ringer for you!

  2. We were at Lost Pines. It was a lot of fun, and nice that it was so close. My mother keeps telling me how much Ayla looks like I did, and my grandmother keeping saying, "I've seen this baby before!"