Why the Tree of Life?


Summer Nature Table

This is a little section of our nature table this season. At the beginning of the summer, I cleaned off the top of a cabinet in our living room, placed a yellow, a blue and a green silk on it and called it our nature table. The boys have had a ball finding things for it on our walks. We will return everything we borrowed from Nature on the last day of summer, and we'll start fresh with an empty table and a new arrangement of red, orange and yellow silks on the first day of autumn.

Not pictured are my personal favorite item: the old shells of cicadas from before they had wings. Whatever you call those. Those are a favorite to find. And I am expected to hold them all the way home, very caaarrrrreeeeffffuuuulllllllyyyy, mommy, so I don't lose them or crush them. So, I hold them in my open palm and smile and try not to think of their poky legs and their eye casings and their split backs, and I deposit them gratefully on the nature table where they are welcomed by their brothers and sisters of previous days--- because we find one nearly every single time.


  1. That's beautiful, Jennifer! I've thought of doing a nature table, but I always think that if I did it low enough for the kids to see and appreciate it, it would also be susceptible to toddler fingers and therefore short-lived. Is this a concern for you or are your kids just at the right ages right now?

  2. That's a great idea, but I'm curious how you keep the items from moving through the house (with help from little hands, of course.)

  3. Hi Hannah and Sarah! That has definitely been a problem around here. I've tried doing a nature table in the past, but have had to abandon it for the reasons you both mentioned. Now that Dunagan is 3, he's interested, and both boys have left everything on the table. I'm sure once Ayla can reach it, we'll be back to no nature table for couple years.