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Baked Apples She Made

Continuing the apple theme.... We made baked apples Friday out of The Joy of Cooking. I've cored apples before with a knife, and it wasn't pretty, but this time I used a spoon to dig out the seeds. First, I nicked the skin with a knife, and then I took the spoon and just went around the core and dug it out, but not all the way through the bottom. The boys helped measure out the brown sugar, raisins, cinnamon...

... and ground the nutmeg. Grinding nutmeg is something that they like to do. You can find whole nutmeg (nuts?) with the spices at the grocery store. And they're using a little micro-plane grater, but you could use any fine grater, I think. Then they mixed all the stuffing with their hands, stuffed the apples, and...

... LICKED themselves clean (and then I made them wash their hands).

Our lovely baked apples. Our backyard neighbor made vanilla ice cream for the boys, and it went really well with the baked apples; very yummy. I was thinking, though, that instead of raisins, adding dark chocolate chunks when you add the ice cream would be pretty yummy, too (dare I say, more yummy?). Evan actually agreed with me (or wasn't listening). He usually doesn't go along with my chocolate upgrade ideas.

This was a good baking project because there were several ingredients without there being too many, and the boys got to mix with their hands and stuff the apples.

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  1. Oh, if only Ian would eat apples ... but you know what? These look so tempting that the rest of us might just have to go ahead without him. I bet the smell was tremendous! And that little microplane grater is too precious!