Why the Tree of Life?



Yesterday afternoon, I brought out the beeswax. Here you see a gray Tornado-- Dunagan's creation. I thought it was very telling, given his personality! And he insisted on putting the Straw Hat that I made (from Milk and Eggs, which I read again today, by the way, and Kirven got the punchline!) on top of his Tornado. My straw hat looks a little like a cowboy hat, but what can I say; I'm Texan.

Kirven made a blue butane candlelighter, just like the one we use. See the trigger? And the nozel? Watch out, Mom! I'm melting all the beeswax! Look how big the flame is!!!!

And this is my Frog from Froggy's Swim, a finger-knitting prep story. The story is about a little tadpole and all his brothers and sisters and cousins, and how they swim happily in the reeds and then change into frogs and hop on the lilypads. There is a verse nested in the story that we will use this week when I introduce fingerknitting (which I need to figure out for myself before Thursday!). Dunagan added the blue tail, presumably since Froggy had a tail for most of the story.

I need to re-read the beeswax section because I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be guiding them or giving them free rein or just supposed to be encouraging non-representational smooshing. But this is what we did this week, and it was fun. And it always smells so nice.


  1. But, but, but ... you still haven't told us where you get the beeswax. ;-)

  2. I've never seen grey/silver beeswax before! Where on earth did you find it? I'd love to use it for the goose migration story!
    Amy D. (Enki K/1)

  3. beeswax modeling is my girls' favorite activity! they are always asking to get out the beeswax! i love seeing their creative processes! where did you get the silver beeswax, btw?

  4. The gray/silver is actually 'black' in the set of 12 Stockmar colors. Nice to hear from you!