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Craft Board

Dad and the boys have spent a couple of evenings making a pair of craft boards for us to use. They finished the first one just in time for tomorrow. It's made of 1x12 soft pine (on top) and two layers of 3/4" MDF, all glued and screwed from the back, routed edges and all surfaces sanded. It is very heavy, and it is intended to hold the project in place so that the young student can work on it without having to worry about it wiggling. That puppy ain't movin. The soft pine allows for us to pin things down, as well, if need be. We'll be trying it out tomorrow making ribbon sticks, which is a bow-tying project. Kirven taught himself how to tie granny knots eons ago, and I thing bow-tying will be right up his alley and a logical next step. I'll post pictures of our first project tomorrow night, hopefully.


  1. Now THAT is brilliant. Post pics of the tying.

  2. Hi,

    What did you finish your craft board off with? I am making one now and using beeswax and oil as a finish. Now I am concerned about wet on wet painting on it.



  3. Hi NumericMaMa,

    Our is unfinished, but we use a separate painting board for our watercoloring. The craft board isn't really big enough for painting, and you'll want to get a separate, coated, masonite board for painting. You can get painting boards through Swift River, but I prefer the white board that I got from Paper, Scissor, Stone (I think). I could find it and send you the link if you want. The craft board is just for holding the crafts steady.