Why the Tree of Life?



Our Enki co-op host was sick this Monday, so instead we went to Zilker Botanical Gardens to see the Dinoland exhibit. The exhibit featured about a dozen or more "life sized" statues of dinosaurs in their Prehistoric Garden area. The boys have never had a big dinosaur obsession, so we walked through there at a pretty fast clip. Plus, it was hot. I dutifully read off the name of each dinosaur, and then the boys asked if it was a meat eater. We talk about the dinosaurs' big teeth! The better to eat you with.

Then we walked over to the Japanese Garden and wandered around in there. It is a lovely place. The two pictures above are from there. The koi fish in that pond are huge! Then we ended up back at the visitor's center where we cooled off, had snacks and water, and then headed home.

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  1. Yeah, we need to get over to that exhibit, even though we're done with our dino obsession phase.

    Isn't that Japanese garden marvelous?!