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Dried Apple Slices

On baking day (last Friday), we made dried apple slices. I chose this as a follow-up to the nature story we had read about 'how apples got their stars within'. When I cut the first apple in half, the boys were a little surprised to see the star inside.

I did the slicing, but the boys cut around the stars, and then we all strung them up together.

You're supposed to either string them together with string (which I thought would be tedious and frustrating) or put them on dowel rods (which I thought I had). I hunted and hunted for those dowel rods, but didn't find them until the next day out in the shed (oh well), so I untwisted a wire coat hanger instead and wrapped and taped wax paper around the wire. Then I covered it all with mosquito netting (that I had bought long ago for the stroller, but never used) to keep the fly away that has been flying around our house for a week that we can't seem to kill. (Side note: when your dog kills two sewer rats that she has been stalking and digging to to get to for months, DO NOT put them in your trash bin that sits right by your side door the day AFTER trash pickup. Not only does it attract normal-sized flies with its smell of Death, it attracts large mutant flies as well, and that Smell can make it through solid walls. You are also guaranteed to let a fly in when you try to take the trash out. But I digress.)

Hanging the apples on the hanger worked ok, but I should have had them spread out better. They didn't dry very fast. Also, more even slicing would have helped. By the next day, I decided to put them in the oven on warm for the day, and they dried out pretty well after that. We left the skin on because I am lazy... I mean, because it is healthier, but peeling the apples would probably be better. We used fuji apples, but I think granny smith might have had more flavor. Or maybe pink ladies.

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