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First Day of School

No, really, Kirven was actually very excited.

He picked out these red carnations on Tuesday at the grocery store in honor of his first day of school.

And I put out a few art supplies for him to find at breakfast. I have a paintbrush for Dunagan and I to paint wet-on-wet watercolors with together that I put at Dunagan's place. He, of course, is starting preschool, as we all have been informed. Kirven will use the yarn (isn't it pretty?) to learn how to finger crochet, which builds up hand muscles for learning to write in first grade. We will start both painting and finger crocheting next week.

See, I told you. Happy Kindergartener Kirven.

After we sent Dad off to work, Ayla fell back asleep for her morning nap early, and Dunagan was still asleep, so Kirven and I started morning chores. By the time Dunagan was awake and had finished eating breakfast, Ayla was awake again, and we headed out for our morning walk. The boys rode bikes to the park and spent most of their time riding in circles at breakneck speeds around the basketball court. Seriously, I'm sucking air through my teeth the entire time. Dunagan has training wheels and can only go so fast, but Kirven has told me numerous time that he 'has to lean like that' because it makes him go faster. "That's what motorcycles do, Mom!"

Then we headed home, put the bikes up, and went inside for circle. I put Ayla in the doorway jumper, and she was happy and entertained through the first two activities, then she wanted out. So, we had to pause, get Ayla and get her situated on the floor somewhere nearby but out of the way of skipping feet. That was a no-go, so we took another break for me to go take her to the potty and change her. She had pooped on the sly and was upset about it. We resumed circle again, but now we were to the parts that I didn't have fully memorized, so we stumbled through it, and I lost Dunagan to the swing. Finally, I had to pick up Ayla and give Kirven verbal instructions or just barrel through the last activities with her fussing. But, no worries. Circle will become second nature to us all pretty quickly, and then it will be a lot smoother. And Ayla "usually" naps during that time, so it shouldn't always be that interrupted.

Then we read Coyote's Rain Song, which both boys seemed to really like. Kirven carried our candle to the kitchen table and we had snack. Then, I forgot we were supposed to do chores next and started setting up silks and treeblocks and wooden animals to help them settle into their play. Kirven wasn't interested in playing, and he went and laid on the couch. It all really felt off until I remembered chores and asked if he wanted a chore to do. "Yeah!" he said, and jumped off the couch. So, he dusted the floor with the dustmop, and Dunagan vacuumed with the sharkvac, and I made the beds. Then they were ready to play, and they made me soup and spaghetti and coffee in the playstands.

Then we had lunch and nap and snack, and I read the Brush Tail Story while they finished eating, which is a prep story for painting about washing their brushes properly. Then they headed out to the sandbox, took a bath, and Dad came home early.

We ended the day with Kirven getting to pick dinner at a restaurant, dessert included, and he chose fajitas at Azul Tequila and fried ice cream! As my sister Hillary said, it was the best first day of school, ever!


  1. Sounds lovely! Esp. the fried ice cream at the end, LOL!

  2. Sounds like it all went great, Jennifer!!! Congrats to Kirven on starting Kindergarten! (and to Dunagan on starting Preschool! ;-)